Bookmark Your Idea

Linkit is a new bookmarking tool that enables you to make notes of your ideas anywhere on the web. The project is inspired by Leonardo linkit, who kept all ideas on his notes and showed his genius in various fields.

Take Notes Anywhere

Linkit provides a handy note on your browser. Install linkit extension and easily take notes anywhere on the web. It's okay if you don't have anything to note. If you have an article or video you want to see later, save it to linkit and check it in your free time!

Linkit's greatest benefit is that I can take notes without any distraction when viewing texts or videos. It feels like jotting down my thoughts on the corner of a paper book. Just that smooth.
Product Manger, Kang

Find Quickly With Tags

Organize your bookmarks with tags. You can move between different topics with ease by clicking on the tags. Come up with creative ideas through bookmarks and notes on various topics!
It's really convenient to see the scattered data all in one place! Now I no longer have to wander around looking for the references I've seen before. All I need to do is just clicking on the tags. Tada!
UX Designer, Choi

See Other People's Notes

At linkit, you can browse other people's notes. Find and follow people who are interested in the same topics as you are. You might come across valuable resources that can help you a ton!
I use linkit with my teammates. What fellows save are usually what I'm curious about, which helps me a lot. Follow the tags on software development and let's study together!
Software Developer, Jin

Mobile Support

What if you find an article you want to save on the subways? No worries! Mobile is also supported so that you can use linkit anytime, anywhere.

Supported Browsers

We are working hard to make linkit available to as many people as possible! Currently Chrome, Whale, Edge, and Firefox browsers are supported πŸ‘
Meet our users
Bain & Co.
Consultant Paeng
β€œI'm a productivity hacker using all kinds of shortcuts, and linkit - with intuitive shortcuts - maximizes my research efficiency.”
Seoul Nat'l Univ.
Researcher Lee
β€œTo come up with creative ideas, the first thing you need is a lot of materials. Linkit is very suitable for collecting these materials idiomatically.”
Engineer Jo
β€œI've used several tools before, but never seen such a good UX/UI as linkit. Simple and neat!”